Top Hat Risers Installation

Easy to install with no heavy machinery, long lane closures or large crews necessary!

Installation Highlights:

  • When installed, manhole structure can still easily be accessed
  • Proven installation process leaves manhole accessible, and lasts for years. They won't budge!
  • Versatle: Can be installed prior to paving, or as an afterthought adjustment
  • Installs on site in less than 15 minutes per unit by a team of as few as 2 workers
  • Mechanically fastened to existing structure to guarantee durability
  • Every unit comes with a 5 year guarantee
  • Can be used in one location as a long term solution, or in multiple locations as short term solutions
  • Protects manhole structure from abuse from traffic, water, weather – anything you can throw at it!
  • When installed correctly, can withstand years of abuse from traffic, snow plows and more – Top Hats tend to outlast the pavement surrounding them!

The following gallery depicts the installation of a Top Hat Riser prior to the paving process:

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