Top Hat Risers Rubber Manhole Risers

Guaranteed durable, cost effective, easily installed and green friendly - Top Hat Risers are the perfect solution for any low manhole.

“The Overall Durability…is Outstanding!”

The Top Hat Riser from Abart Industries is an innovative product to be used before or after the paving process, that offers a cure for castings.

Made from 100% recycled tire rubber, this cost effective, environmentally friendly and quick installing solution eliminates reconstruction, conserves strained budget dollars, seals against unwanted storm water and provides a safe, smooth, and quiet road surface for cars and cyclists alike.

Green friendly, cost effective, durable, and easy on vehicles, the Top Hat Riser truly is a remarkable solution. Having already provided safer, smoother roads from New York to Oregon, it is no surprise that more people are saying, “Top Hat Risers just make sense.”

The Top Hat Riser…

  • …is made from 100% recycled tire rubber, making use of an environmental burden
  • …is guaranteed for durability and longevity. Top Hat Risers have a habit of outlasting the pavement surrounding them!
  • …can be installed in less than 30 minutes on site. Making lane closures and traffic jams due to manhole adjustments a thing of the past!
  • …saves up to 80% over traditional manhole adjustment costs!
  • …can be installed prior to paving or as an afterthought adjustment, and can be used as a long term solution in one location, or as a short term solution installed in multiple locations!
  • …is easier on vehicles and provides safe, level roadways for any community!

Install Top Hats in Your Community Now!

Currently, Abart Industries is performing a campaign to make communities throughout the world aware of this money saving, easy to install, durable and environmentally conscious product. Whether you’re a government official or a concerned citizen, we urge you to Contact Us if low manholes are a problem in your community. We will be sure to contact your local government and make them aware of the Top Hat Riser’s potential to bring safer, smoother roads to your community right away!

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