Top Hat Risers Featured in Municipal Sewer and Water Magazine!

We are proud that Top Hat Risers is featured in Municipal Sewer and Water Magazine‘s article about solutions for low manholes.  The article, titles “Manhole Equipment and Rehabilitation can be found by clicking here.  You may also find it in this month’s print edition of Municipal Sewer and Water magazine along with our ad!  Below you will find an excerpt from the article detailing our work in Corning, NY:

Durable risers provide solution for sinking manholes

A Top Hat rubber manhole riser installed in the city of Corning, New York repairs a dangerous low manhole.  Once installed, the streets were smooth and safe again for motorists, cyclists and pedestriansProblem: The City of Corning, N.Y., found that the manholes located on a two-mile stretch of roadway – which accounted for a bulk of the traffic coming into and through the city – provided the second biggest challenge (behind pavement deterioration) in maintaining city streets. Their issues were low spots in the road caused by low manholes. Corning’s storm and sanitary sewer systems averaged over 70 years in age. Over time, the mortar joints supporting the manhole frames and covers deteriorated, and the manhole covers settled into the roadway.

Solution: Previously finding it difficult to prioritize these repairs due to the cost and difficulty of alternative manhole adjustment techniques, they found their answer in Abart Industries – Top Hat Risers. Initially, the intention was to use the risers as short-term, temporary solutions that would also serve to remind them that certain manholes needed adjusting. However, they found that units installed on “high traffic” roadways held up with no issues for over three years, even with snowplows. They are reusable, durable rubber manhole risers that offer a cure for castings, and are an ideal solution for afterthought adjustments. Not only do they absorb impact from traffic, they protect the manhole structure and can be customized to fit virtually any manhole design.

Result: The risers provided a durable and versatile solution for a large problem, allowing Corning to provide smoother, safer roads.

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