Top Hat Risers provide communities numerous benefits in that they save money, time, are guaranteed durable, and are incredibly versatile. In addition, these innovative products, made from 100% recycled tire rubber, help to control the growing number of environmentally detrimental tire disposal yards around the world.

Since 2001, Top Hat Risers have been installed around the country, and we have constantly worked towards creating the perfect solution for low manholes in any community. With our proven installation technique, we can now introduce a product that is less expensive, and more effective than any product like it on the market. If you have experienced Top Hat Risers in your community, please provide us with your feedback; we love to hear success stories, and are always working to make our product the most useful manhole riser in the world!

Top Hat Risers Save Money

In this global economic climate, communities throughout the world are always looking for ways to save money, and Top Hat Risers provide financial benefits in both material and labor costs, all while providing a durable, and versatile solution that lasts for years, and provides safer roads in your community.

Traditionally, adjusting a low manhole involved large construction crews that spend a long time working on the manhole structure itself. These conventional processes use brick and mortar and require lengthy lane closures and traffic control. Adjustments using these traditional methods may take up to 4-6 hours per manhole adjustment and can cost up to $2,000 due to heavy labor costs. The Top Hat Riser, in contrast, is measured and customized for it’s final destination before it ever reaches the installation site. Once it reaches the installation site, the Top Hat Riser can be installed quickly by a small crew, without the use of heavy machinery, and without any extended lane closures. Furthermore, the Top Hat Riser itself costs far less than the traditional materials used to raise a low manhole.

In our experience, using Top Hat Risers can save up to 80% versus the traditional methods used for adjusting, and when you consider the versatility of the product, the savings can be even greater. For example, communities and organizations may purchase a Top Hat Riser for an immediate, specific use, but we have also seen a benefit to keeping a few Top Hat Risers in stock in case a manhole in the community needs a quick adjustment. As Top Hat Risers can be installed, removed and reinstalled quickly, it is possible to use each unit as a long term solution in one location, or as a short term solution in multiple locations!

Top Hat Risers “Eliminate Headaches Fast”

As mentioned above, traditional manhole adjustment techniques require the use of heavy machinery, usually performed by large crews and resulting in extended lane closures. As these lane closures can lead to annoying traffic jams, and the equipment can be loud, we like to refer to our time saving installation process as “Eliminating Headaches Fast.”

Contrary to these more intense manhole restructuring techniques, Top Hat Risers can be installed in less than 30 minutes on site, during with a majority of the work can be completed so easily that all you need is a few tools, and the back of a pick up truck. No heavy machinery is used, and there are no extended lane closures during the installation process. After the unit is installed, the manhole itself is still accessible, which saves plenty of time over some competitors, which require the unit is removed before accessing the manhole.

Top Hat Risers can be Customized to Fit Any Manhole

Top Hat Risers are made to fit perfectly on the existing manhole structure when installed, and although there are standard sizes for manhole covers, we also offer tapering and custom sizes to assure that Top Hat Risers can be used around the world. In some situations, the Top Hat Riser must be tapered so that it fits flush onto the existing manhole structure. It is important that the Top Hat Riser is installed flush to the existing manhole structure to prevent any possibilities of the unit curling over time. For each Top Hat Riser order, we will work with you so that we have as much information possible on the location that the Top Hat Risers will be installed, thus assuring that the units will fit perfectly, securing a smooth finish for years to come!

Additionally, Top Hat Risers can be stamped to display information about the area that they are installed (City or Town Name), or to indicate the direction of water flow. If you have a customization request for a low manhole in your community, please contact us and we will try to accommodate you.

Top Hat Risers Help Solve a Growing Environmental Problem

The goal of going “green” is a popular concept these days – and for good reason. The environment has become a growing international concern, and at the center of the proposed solutions is the idea of re-purposing and recycling discarded materials. Abart Industries founder, David Abbott, noticed this disturbing trend in 1999 and developed an innovative idea that would provide a means to re-purpose one of the worlds most durable and long lasting products. Automobile tires are constructed of very durable rubber material – a material that does not biodegrade nor breaks down over time. Used tires often find themselves filling overcrowded landfills where they take up space and provide a venue for disease and famine to grow. Illnesses such as West Nile Virus and Malaria thrive in the moist, filthy areas.

Furthermore, the burning of tires at the landfill site is one of the more dangerous actions that can be inflicted upon our planet’s o-zone layer. So why are we so eager to dispose of a material that we know to be durable for the long haul? In the past, we have not had the means to re-purpose these used tires. However, with advancements in technology and the forward, green friendly thinking of Abart Industries, a patent pending process has been developed to eliminate these excuses. We now have a way to re-purpose this rubber material in a way that puts it to use for years to come.

Top Hat Risers come with a Durability Guarantee

The Top Hat Riser is cost effective, easy to install (and move) and environmentally friendly, but most importantly: Top Hat Risers are durable and able to withstand years of abuse from vehicles, weather, plows and more….and we guarantee it!

We place a 5 year guarantee that your Top Hat will still be in great condition even after years of use. Furthermore, the Top Hat’s proven installation method assures that any Top Hat rubber manhole riser that is installed in your community will be securely fastened to the existing manholes structure – bringing smooth and safe roadways to any community. Not to mention, fixing low manholes with the Top Hat rubber manhole riser will mean that your roadways will be easier on everybody’s vehicle, lowering car repair costs for the entire community!

Top Hat Risers vs. Similar Products

The Top Hat Riser is not the only product on the market for adjusting low manholes, but in our opinion, and in our experience, it is the most effective, durable and cost saving solution available. Top Hat Risers proven installation process mechanically fastens each unit to the manhole structure in a way that will withstand weather, traffic and more for years. In fact, Top Hat Risers have been known to outlast the pavement surrounding them. We are so confident that Top Hat Risers are the perfect solution for low manholes, that we guarantee every unit sold!

Here are just a few reasons to choose Top Hat Risers over similar products

  • Mechanical fastening process secures unit to existing manhole structure without damaging it
  • No rings used – making installation durable, easy, quick and versatile
  • When installed, access to the manhole is still possible.
  • Secures against water damage, weather, traffic, and more
  • Tapered units and custom sizes available

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