Manhole Riser Installation | Top Hat Risers - 100% Guaranteed Durable Manhole Adjustment Risers

What are Top Hat Risers?

Guaranteed durable and constructed from 100% recycled tire rubber

Top Hat Risers are a revolutionary product that will eliminate low manholes around the world. Constructed of 100% recycled tire rubber, Top Hat Risers are guaranteed durable, flexible and customizable, and can be up to 80% less expensive than conventional manhole adjustment methods.

Top Hat Risers can be applied before or after the paving process, and are a perfect solution for afterthought adjustments. Unlike competitors' products that use less durable fastening methods, the Top Hat Riser's proven and guaranteed installation process secures it to the casting durably, quickly, and without damaging the existing structure.

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Why Choose Top Hat Risers?

Interested in installing Top Hat Risers to bring smoother roads to your community? Here are a few more benefits to consider:

  • Top Hats Save Money

    Saves up to 80% compared to the cost of traditional adjustment methods

  • Guaranteed Durable

    Up to 5 year guarantee al on installations

  • Eliminate Headaches!

    Installed quickly with no loud heavy machinery needed

  • Reduces Damage to plows, vehicles and bicycles

  • Can be installed prior to paving or as an afterthought adjustment

  • UV, water and wather resistant

  • Made from 100% recycled tires

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Learn More About Top Hat Risers

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Latest Top Hat Risers News

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To: Abart Industries From: Richard Ferrel – Retired Asst. Supt. For Streets and Facilities, City of Ithaca Date: June 1, 2010 Re: Abart Industries Top Hat Product The City of Ithaca owns and maintains 76 centerline miles of streets. In addition to maintaining the City streets, Ithaca has an agreement with NYSDOT to provide snow […]

Top Hat Risers Featured in Municipal Sewer and Water Magazine!

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Citymart Presentation for LLGA 2013

The Top Hat Riser from Abart Industries is an innovative product to be used before or after the paving process, that offers a cure for castings. Made from 100% recycled tire rubber, this cost effective, environmentally friendly and quick installing solution eliminates reconstruction, conserves strained budget dollars, seals against unwanted storm water and provides a […]

The 2013 LLGA Conference

The data collected from the first 60,000 trips on Boston’s Street Bump app tells us that Boston’s road bumpiness is primarily driven by metal castings that are no longer flush with the road. We want a good fix for this. Our Public Works Department has done extensive analysis of its roadways and what reduces their […]

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